What if you had a menu of fun questions that would spark your students’ imaginations và start fascinating discussions? Below you’ll find 30 funny what if questions you can use in class as a fun conversation starter, an icebreaker, or just as a fun time-filler activity. Just one what if question can create an entertaining discussion and debate amongst your students. First, let’s look at what we mean by ‘What if?’ questions.

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What Are What If Questions?

What if questions are hypothetical questions that prompt another person lớn imagine a particular situation and answer what would happen if that imaginary scenario occurred. What if questions start with, you guess it, “What if” followed by a hypothetical situation. For example, “What if you could live forerver?”.

30 Funny What If Questions


Here are 30 funny & what if questions to lớn ask. All these questions are suitable for kids, but can also be used with older learners và friends khổng lồ start an entertaining discussion.

What if you woke up in the morning & you were 100 feet tall?What if your pet could talk? What would it say?What if everything you touched turned to lớn gold?What if every time you burped, you fainted?What if there was an escaped rhino loose in the city?What if you hit your head và could suddenly speak any language?What if you could swap your toàn thân with the toàn thân of an animal? Which animal would you choose?What if you could breathe underwater?What if you could only eat vegetables for the rest of your life?What if you could be a character in any computer game?What if spiders were 10 feet tall?What if you could see through walls?What if you were super strong?What if you woke up one day và you were as tiny as a mouse?What if you could see 1 hour into the future?What if you could go back in time to any point if your life?What if dinosaurs were alive today?What if you woke up one day and were the only person on earth?What if you had six arms và six legs?What if fast food was good for your health?What if aliens knocked on your door one day?What if every time you coughed, you laid a golden egg?What if you found a talking monkey?What if you could play any instrument?What if you and anyone you cảm biến could fly?What if you had a magic watch that could pause time?What if you could upload information directly khổng lồ your brain?What if robots become more intelligent than humans?What if your favorite movie was real life?What if you could print money?

Download PDF

Download and print these what if questions & hand them out in class for a fun speaking activity.

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Ideas For Using What If Questions In Class

What makes what if questions so great is that they can be used in so many different ways in class. Here are some ideas on how to lớn use these funny what if questions in class.

Ice Breaker

Break the ice at the start of class and engage your students’ imaginations at the same time by asking one of the what if questions above. Ask students to tóm tắt their thoughts & reward students for the most fun and imaginative answers. Starting the class each day lượt thích this is a great way khổng lồ warm up và get students motivated, engaged, và ready to learn.

Group Activity

For a fun group discussion activity, split students into small groups và give each group a different what if question. Give them time khổng lồ discuss with their group what they would do in that hypothetical situation. Then, have each group nói qua their what if questions and answers with the class. This activity can lead khổng lồ some hilarious stories making it a great activity to get students talking in class.

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Conditional Sentences

Another great way to use these what if questions is to use them when teaching the second conditional form. Have students turn these what if questions into second conditional questions và answers. For example, students should change the question “What if you won the lottery?” into “What would you bởi vì if you won the lottery?”, & would answer “If I won the lottery, I would buy a big house.”.

More Fun Questions

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