This expression is used lớn show that doing something is useless or worthless. The action has no value, so we should not vì it. There is no point + gerund...

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There is no point crying. There is no point lying. There is no point leaving now. There is no point applying to lớn that company. There is no point trying lớn talk to lớn her. If we want to lớn give a reason, then we can either use "because" or can we can use a new sentence.There is no point crying because nobody cares about your feelings. There is no point lying khổng lồ my wife because she will know. There is no point leaving now. We will never get there on time. There is no point applying lớn that company. It is impossible to get a job there. There is no point trying to lớn talk khổng lồ her. She always does what she wants to lớn do. Some people use the preposition "in" after the word "point". This does not change the meaning of the sentence. It is just a different way of saying it. There is no point in + gerund...There is no point in trying to lớn lie lớn him. There is no point in crying over spilled milk. There is no point in explaining art lớn me. I won"t understand it. There is no point in fighting. It won"t solve the problem. We can also use the following pattern with a noun. However, this pattern cannot be followed by a gerund. These sentences show that there is no reason or purpose for something. There is no point khổng lồ + noun...

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There is no point lớn life. There is no point to lớn this work. Students think that there is no point khổng lồ homework. There is no point to anything we vị at this company. Bonus Tips & Points1. There are many other words that we can use to show that something has no point, no value, or no use. There is no reason + infinitive...

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There is no reason khổng lồ cry. There is no reason lớn worry. There is no reason to think that something bad will happen. There is no reason lớn get angry before we know what actually happened. It is useless + infinitive...It is useless khổng lồ complain about things that can"t change. It is useless lớn worry about the future too much. It is useless to dream about being something that you can never be. 2. We can also talk about things in the past.There was no point in doing that. So, why did you bởi vì it? There was no reason to lớn worry. I feel stupid for worrying so much. It was useless khổng lồ try to lớn convince him. He never listens to lớn anyone. Real-World English ConversationsA) Why vì chưng we have to vì chưng this? B) I don"t know. There really is no point khổng lồ this work. A) I hate my job. I hate everything about my life. B) Stop it. If you are not going to lớn try to change anything, then there is no point complaining every day. I am tired of listening to lớn you complain. A) I think there is no point exercising if you aren"t going lớn eat well. B) I disagree. If you don"t exercise and don"t eat well, then that is even worse. It is best to vị both, but doing one is better than doing neither. A) There is no point studying English. I will never learn. B) What are you talking about? You just made an advanced sentence in English. A) But sometimes I feel like I will never be as good as a native speaker. B) You don"t need to be as good as a native speaker. You just need lớn be an excellent English speaker. It is definitely possible for you. You just need lớn be persistent. Use these không tính tiền English lessons to learn the most common sentence patterns in the English language. If you learn these sentences và questions, it will help you speak English well. Study the lessons thoroughly, practice making your own sentences, & come back to review often. If you bởi these three steps, your English speaking will improve quickly và you will be able lớn have natural English conversations.

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