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The term “hobby’ be defined as an activity we carry out for pleasure during our free time. If differs from a paid-job where one earns money for completing a task because, when one carries out an activity for pleasure, satisfaction is earned. Common hobbies might include reading, gardening, watching television, cooking among others. Similarly, my hobby is reading. Since childhood, my mother used lớn relate bedtime stories khổng lồ me which resulted in my interest for reading.

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I love books. Reading enables me khổng lồ discover different kind of worlds which one lifetime would not have been enough I were to discover all of them in real life.

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I read almost about everything but I have preferences for lãng mạn novels or spiritual books written in the English language. For me, reading is a way of life. A day without reading is a day gone waste.

Reading improves my writing skills since I am exposed to lớn a range of vocabulary và expressions which I usually use in my school essays.

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I love discovering new words và learning about new things. When I start reading a book, I usually forget around me and enter the book. Each word transports me into the journey that the book has to offer.

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Also, when I prefer khổng lồ read a book over watching a movie. I never watched the Twilight series until I have read the book because I did not want to lớn miss the emotions of any character. I wanted khổng lồ live the story myself with my imagination & then discover what the movie has to offer. Books have more details to lớn offer và enables me to learn how to lớn express myself when writing.

My holidays are spent reading. I always carry a book with me when I travel to school or when I go for a family outing. After all, there can be no better place khổng lồ read than the seaside or in a garden. Finally, books have been an important companion to me since childhood. Reading has never been a task for me. I bởi vì it for pleasure since I know I will learn something new after having closed the book.

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Randall Santos

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