Ielts Speaking Part 2


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PART IILưu ý: trước lúc xem sample answer, các bạn bắt đề nghị xem video chiến thuật trả lời Speaking Part 2 của chính mình để biết cách thức trả lời. Toàn cục các câu trả lời của chính mình sẽ đi theo cách thức mà mình đã nêu với các bạn sẽ thấy Part 2 không hề quá nặng nề như bạn vẫn tưởng1. One-minute preparation:Mom- strong family base- memories with absolute clarity.When younger, Always take around-the-clock care : babbling, walking, riding …Older, consciously, thinks ahead of herself, well-loved & well-educated upbringing.Trivial arguments: childish. But mom calm, hold tight & suggest resolution.House-building/ home-feelings.2. Sample Answer“The person that springs lớn my mind immediately is my Mother. I think I should start by saying that being given birth is the most wonderful thing that’ve ever happened on earth. She is the one i can’t ever thank enoughYou probably heard it once that Vietnamese people have a very strong family base. So I’m gonna portrait my Mom and my relationship with her so you gonna picture it in a more vivid way. Every single memory with her comes to lớn me with an absolute clarity. I could bring back all details of her, in retrospect, when I was a little child, my Mom was always there right behind me, just khổng lồ make sure I was alright at all times. She took an around-the-clock care for me when I started babbling, started learning to walk, & when started riding a bike. I mean, every moments in my childhood were entangled with her.And when I grow older, I become more conscious of what Mom have done to me. She always thinks of me ahead of herself, she could vày whatever it takes no matter how tough it is just khổng lồ bring me the best: a very well-loved và well-educated upbringing. I was like a little bird being protected in my Mom’s nest.And the thing is, you know there were always some trivial arguments that are definitely unavoidable. Because you know, my childish characteristics always make me throw a tantrum at a ridiculous thing, but she always stays calm, she holds me tight asks me what happened & suggests me what could be done khổng lồ solve my problems , she is the most active listener in the whole world.It is said that House is just a building, but home is about our feelings. So that’s the point i’m trying to make during my speech.So if I still have more time, i would probably tell you more in-depth about some memorable events in my childhood with my Mom & my family”3. VocabularySpring to so’s mind: nghĩ cho ngay lập tứcBe given birth: được sinh raPortrait: phác hoạ hoạVivid: rõ nétBring back: nhắc lại/ ghi nhớ lạiIn retrospect: hồi ức lạiAround-the-clock care: sự chăm lo thường trực.Be entangled with something: be twisted with somethingThink of someone ahead of yourself: suy nghĩ về ng khác hơn cả bạn dạng thânThank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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What are the values of family in your country?
“Family is where our roots take hold & from there we grow. I believe that family values don’t differ from country to country & allow me lớn say that they should be the same throughout the world. The most essential values are the so-called moral values shaped by our family since we were kids, I mean, those values which enable people lớn draw plausible distinctions between right và wrong, good and bad, true và false. Besides, family is also a solid mental tư vấn that we can always come back with our ups và downs in life”Từ vựng :
Moral valueGiá trị đạo đức
PlausibleĐúng đắn, đúng theo lý
Ups và downsThăng trầm cuộc sống
2. How family bonding is necessary for happiness in life?
“Strong family bonds are the secret to internal happiness because it’s the only source of unconditional love. It’s something that gives you the sense of belonging and appreciation and helps khổng lồ create a sense of comfort & trust which are the origin of happiness. Family closeness leads people khổng lồ have a fulfilling and flourishing life. This can be justified by the fact that those kids who enjoy strong family bonding tend khổng lồ be happier and mentally healthier that those who are in a dysfunctional family environment. After all, who knows you better than your own family right?”Từ vựng :
BondLiên kết, kết nối
Fulfilling & flourishing lifeCuộc sống đầy đủ đầy và hạnh phúc
JustifyChứng minh, minh chứng
DysfunctionalKhông binh thường, xa cách
3. How family value và bonding have changed over the last decade?
“Yeah, I can admit that this sacred notion has somehow lost its meaning in the last ten -15 years. Quarrels between couples are a frequent occurrence và because women are financially independent, they don’t step back like they did many years ago. Parents & children can hardly spend time together because of their own priority. Và I think one of the principal cause that has led khổng lồ this situation is the internet và smart phone. When family members have some spare time they prefer khổng lồ consume it by going online instead of having some family conversations. For example, yesterday, I saw a mother with 2 of her daughters & they curiously kept asking their mom about everything happening around them but she didn’t answer any of it, instead she allowed them to lớn play games on her phone just to lớn shut them up. I feel like she just ruined the tiny tinny family bondings left between her và her kids”Từ vựng :
Sacred notionKhái niệm thiêng liêng
QuarrelCãi vã, trang cãi
4. What type of family bởi you like? Nuclear family or joint family?
That’s a really interesting question actually! My personal opinion is that a nuclear family is much more preferable compared lớn a joint family because anything that it is possible to happen in this type of family is manageable và less complicated than when you live in an extended family which includes grandparents, uncles, aunts và so on, especially with generation gaps, frequent arguments is unavoidable. Therefore, I strongly believe that a family only with mum, dad & siblings works better for me”If you prepare for this cue thẻ you should be able to lớn answer the following cue cards as well with very little changes:Talk about someone who cares you a lot.Describe a person who you lượt thích very much.Describe the person whom you admire most.Talk about a person you know for a long.Talk about a senior person whom you like a lot.Talk about a person who has a great influence in your life.Thank you & keep trying coz I will