2HNO3 + BA(OH)2 = BA(NO3)2 + 2H2O


Usage: It is mainly used as superfinishedmulti-purpose additive for the lubricant of internal-combustion engine và for barium-based grease and oil. It can also be used in beet sugar manufacture, medicine, plastic, rayon, demineralization of water và other barium salt manufacture.

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Hebei yanxi chemical co., ltd is a professional research & development of the production of lead acetate, 2-phenylethylamide enterprises.under the innovation in traditional production equipment and technology, the use of "high temperature cooling" and "plastic basin crystallization" technology, on the basis of reducing the cost of products to lớn make the chất lượng of products to the same industry. Under the close supervision of the unique inspection department of the company, we carry out production và sales in the way of "labeling", providing the most convenient & fastest service for users all over the world.

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Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co. LTD., mainly produce the Carbomer940/980/u21 và lead acetate & lead oxide, lead stearate, lead salt, at the same time operating organic intermediates, surfactants, Food additive,inorganic salt, plant extracts, cosmetics raw material, etc., through long-term development, hebei said bush chemical co., LTD. In hebei province has become a collection of r &d, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises.

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